7 Best Keyword research tool of 2019 for rank your site on top
keyword research tool

7 Best Keyword research tool of 2019 for rank your site on top

If you want Google to send you more visitors, then a great keyword research tool is essential.

How many times have you gone to Google to see something in the past week? Because Google processes average of 40,000 searches per second, most people will answer “that” for that question.
Here’s another question: How often can you remember to search something on Google in the last month and will actually continue on the second page of search results? How many times have you seen the first four times? This number is probably quite small, if it exists at all.

This is why keyword search is very important, and using the right keyword research tool can make a difference to your business.

Copyright actors almost always do keyword searches before copying works. This can help you determine which keywords you should optimize, and this will help you to see your content.

If you are unsure of where to start from, keyword search tools come in, and I have made a list of the 7 best keyword research tools I have ever used.

1. SE Mrush

Best Keyword Research Tool

SEMrush gives you data on how many searches are being received by various keywords, along with their CPC AdWords pricing, the number of results for each keyword and the level of competition for the keyword

LongTel keyword research


keyword research tool

They will also show you keywords that match the phrase you searched for (all with the above data), and related keywords. Below this, they will show you the top results of the keyword that you are searching for both organic and PPC discovery. In fact, this tool shows you who is your competition, which is an incredible asset.

How to choose the right keywords

If you do not want to spend a lot of time researching keywords, then their keyword Magic Research Tool has a fixed feature. You can enter a keyword, and then add advanced search criteria such as:

Whether you want to make it a comprehensive or exact match
CPC Range
Competition level limit
Volume range
word count
Best Keyword Research Tool

Next to the search, they will have related keyword add-ons that you can add to your search, which helps you find exact exact keywords.

Semrush’s keyword research tools are free to use, but if you want to track keywords (which I recommend), then you have to upgrade to a paid account. While making monthly payments, their Pro Plan starts from $ 99 per month.

2. Google Adwards

Since Google is transmitting all the traffic, it only makes sense that most people want to know about any potential Google keyword research tool. Google’s Keyword Planner is designed for AdWords, but if you’re looking for a free keyword research tool, then this one is the one.

Free keyword research tools

keyword research tool
keyword research tool

The Google AdWords search volume tool is highly effective and easy to use. If you are new to keyword research and only search keywords for some keywords and some quick information at the competition level, then this is a good tool for you to use. Just enter in the specific keywords you want to compare, and then see the results. You will be able to see search volume, general competition level, and suggested AdWords bid.

Free Google Keyword Research Tool

Pro Tip: If you want to generate keyword suggestions, then I will use any other tool like SEMrush or Moz.
While Google Adwords will give you lots of suggestions, I have always found that they are not always relevant for what they are always searching for, and other tools are able to do better after searching the criteria for those keywords that search terms Are closely related to.
When it comes to SEO, socks are one of the best resources, so it’s not surprising that their keyword explorer is very good.

3. Moz

I like the socks interface and how they give data to the keyword. This is easy to read, it creates an ideal solution for both experts and newcomers. They will show you both numerical and visual representation of the keyword’s monthly search volume, ranking, priority and difficulty opportunities. They will also show you keyword suggestions and SEP analysis, which is superb and detailed.

Paid Keyword Research Tool

keyword research tool

If you do not want to pay for a keyword tool, then the socks can not be the most effective option for you.

You can find two questions per day for free, but if you want to find out more than that, then you have to upgrade to a paid plan. Since you almost certainly need to find more than that, you will pay $ 150 per month for your original plan. They have a 30-day free trial, however, you can test it and see how you like it.Keyword Tool
Our next tool is self-explanation.

4. keyword tool

Our next tool is self-explanatory, and it is mainly titled Keyword Tool (from keywordtool.io). You can search for keywords in different languages, but are not available in almost the form of SEMrush.

This keyword search tool is effective, automatically provides you keyword ideas that other sites are not necessarily current (which are intended), with their search volume, CPC, and AdWords competition. To get some real information about the keyword, however, you have to upgrade to Keyword Tool Pro (which is a bit confusing on site copy). This plan is $ 88 per month, and if you are searching only for Google keywords, then I would recommend choosing one of the other tools for the price.

Free keyword suggestion tool

Here’s where the value of this device really comes in: Google Search in the Keyword Tool is not only a keyword research tool for many search engines. If you want to search keywords for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, App Store or eBay, they’ve got keyword suggestions (and data) for you. If youtube videos are, for example, a central part of your marketing strategy, then this could easily be worth the money.

YouTube Keyword Research Tool

5. Spyfu

As a name suggestion, SpieFu is a competitive research tool that seeks to help you improve your business’s outcomes by understanding the way you can achieve your competition. If you want to understand how your opponent is using keywords in their marketing campaign, then it is a tool to use.

You can type your opponent’s URL, and Spyfu will pull all the keyword data on it. You will be able to see how many keyword rankings they are ranking, the estimated number of clicks-per-month on the site, and the ratio of biological to paid traffic.

keyword research tool
keyword research tool

Search for your opponent’s keywords

You’ll be able to see paid keywords, how those keywords are retaining their position on front pages, their top keywords, and their top competitors.

Paid Keyword Research Tool

If you want to use this data to do some regular searches and track your competitors’ keywords, then you can upgrade to one of your paid plans, which are highly affordable and $ 33 Starts every month.

Best Keyword Research Tool

6. KW Finder

KW Finder is similar to Google Adwords Tool; It also draws similar results, which are not entirely at the point as immediate results of the samurus and socks. With your experience with KW Finder, the search is much better if you take some time to manually add negative keywords and additional keywords like filters, which you want to include.

Like other research tools, it shows you keyword ideas, how they are running over time, number of searches, CPC, and difficulty level It all clears and cleanses effectively.

keyword research tool
keyword research tool

Keyword search tool

What I like about this tool is the data they provide on top ranking sites for this keyword.

They will show you information about how many external links to the site, the number of Facebook and Google+ shares, estimated visits per month, and its page authority. All this is valuable Intel can give you information about how you can potentially rank against them, without the need to do more research on a separate device or any other page.

Keyword search tool The best thing? KW Finder is a completely free keyword research tool – and it’s a good one.

7. Google Analytics

While this is not a keyword research tool, it will give you valuable insights that the keyword you are optimizing is actually working for you. You will find that you can start ranking for more keywords with more tough competition, for example, or only keywords on some topics are working for you.

keyword research tool
keyword research tool

If you go to Google Analytics, click on the channel from Acquisition and then click on Organic Search, you should be able to see the keywords searched to find your site. Grip: These keywords are almost blocked.

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